Your earnings potential as a Caravan Depot broker is significant and in discussing this aspect of our franchise there are two things you need to know: firstly, the exact level of earnings of our existing franchisees. We find the easiest way to deal with this question is to simply give you this information in full, if and when you decide to come and meet us. We won’t identify by name the franchisees on the list of earnings we show you, but we will talk you through their backgrounds, profiles and how we find them to work with. This will help you see if you identify with our franchisees and if you can picture yourself as one of our team. And of course, you are free to speak to any of our franchisees after the meeting.

The second aspect of your earnings potential that you need to understand, is how you can personally determine what that level is. This will be no great revelation to you; it is simply a product of how hard and how efficiently you work. And when we say “How hard you work”, what we really mean is how “Smart” you work rather than how many hours you put in. Work smart and follow the system and you will see great results. Many of our franchisees are experiencing a balance between hours worked and income received that they had previously only dreamt of.

When it comes to how efficiently you work, that simply means following our tried and tested operating system and again, there are no great revelations here. We will show you how to manage your time, group activities together for efficiency, deal with administration and track progress. The key is, to manage your time so that you devote a sufficient amount of it to the activities that generate revenue and profit, and we will show you how to do just that!

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