International Master Franchise Opportunities

We are seeking investor partners to expand the Caravan Depot brand into international markets. Our International Master Franchise programme is aimed at supporting well funded, committed, business people to build a substantial leisure business in their own country.

The Market

The leisure industry has for many years been one of the fastest growing industries globally and it is set to continue growing. Rising living standards and labour saving technologies mean that people around the world have both more time and money to spend on leisure activities.

The growth of the motorhome and caravan sector has followed this trend and has seen rapid expansion in many countries right around the world.

This is not a fad, or a technology based business that can be replaced by the next new thing. This is a market that began over one hundred years ago, has grown continually since and is projected to grow well into the future.


Does your country or territory have an active motorhome and caravan market? If it does, then we can talk. Please do some research before contacting us.

The basic information you need to know is how many motorhomes and caravans there are, how that number has grown over the last ten years and how many new motorhomes and caravans are sold each year.

The Competition

To date, we have not been able to find a serious competitor anywhere in the world. If you find one during your research, we would like to know about it! This is the opportunity to be first to market in your country, dominate the motorhome and caravan brokerage space and make it very hard for competitors to become established.

The Business

Being the master franchisee in your territory effectively means operating as the franchisor. We have many years experience of being a franchisor and our role will be to train and support you to carry out this role. Essentially this means recruiting, training and supporting Caravan Depot franchisees in your territory.

What to do Next

The next step is simply to contact us for a chat about your market and the Caravan Depot opportunity. In the first instance please email our director for international development Bill Pegram at

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