As you are no doubt aware, one of the long term trends in developed countries has been for leisure time and leisure based industries to grow rapidly and they are projected to keep on growing. This has certainly been the case in our sector of the leisure industry. So how big is the caravan market? Well, you might be surprised to learn that there are about 600,000 caravans currently registered in the UK and that number is growing every year. Now, if caravan owners sell on average once every four years, that is over 150,000 transactions per year in the UK.

Perhaps now you can begin to see why we have grown quickly as a business and will continue to do so. As previously discussed, we offer the best option for selling a caravan, versus selling to a dealer or trying to sell privately. Yet the concept of caravan brokerage is still very new, the majority of owners still don’t know it exists and our long term marketing programme will continue to educate the market and make it aware of our service. That represents a huge growth in our market over the years to come!

The final thing I want to touch on in this section is competition. We have pioneered the concept of a national network of caravan brokers. No business similar to ours exists in the UK, Europe or anywhere else in the world as far as we can tell. We’re not afraid of a little competition and in fact, in some ways it would be helpful to us if other businesses were out there educating the public about the benefits of brokerage – that would just make us the main player in a larger market. But with or without competition, our goal is the same: to go on growing our dominant market position both here in the UK and into Europe. Your opportunity, is to become a part of this international success story.

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