Frequently Asked Questions

Why Do People Join CARAVAN Depot as a Broker?

It varies – some are attracted by the flexible hours, some just want to work for themselves, many are attracted by the income potential. What is interesting though, is the number of people that have joined us having either been a customer or done business with us in some other way.

What Hours Will I Work?

You work from home, the hours are flexible and you choose how many hours you do each day. However, we like to work with people that are willing to devote their full working time and attention to the business and want to achieve a really good level of income. We will show you how to work efficiently using our system so that you can achieve this without putting in 60 hour weeks!

Do I Need to Know About Caravans?

It would help if you know a bit about caravans, but this is more for your own confidence than anything. It is not a technical role and many of our brokers had no leisure industry experience before joining us.

Will I Get Training?

Yes, of course you will get initial as well as ongoing training and support. We like to use your initial training programme not just to teach you the role, but to get you started in business as well. This means working together to get some stock listings on the website and getting the sales enquiries coming in.

How Much Will I Earn?

We don’t like to give wild projections or just quote the highest earner figures. When you come to see us we will show you the actual figures of what our franchisees have earned and are currently earning so that you get an exact, up to date picture.

How Far Will I Have to Travel?

Most of your work will be within your territory and therefore, mostly within an hour’s drive of home.

What Do I Need to Get Started?

We supply everything you need to get started within your joining package.

Will I Have to Deal With Money and Payments?

No, we deal with all money transfer centrally at head office to make life easy for you and secure for our customers.

How Big is the Market and Will it Last?

There are about 600,000 caravans in the UK and the market continues to grow steadily. This has been a long term trend over the last fifty plus years. Why is the market growing? A number of reasons including: the overall growth of leisure time and the leisure sector, more wealth, more retirement, flexible use of pension pots, ever improving caravans, more people holidaying at home, more and better campsites, more media coverage and a much improved image as a leisure activity.

More importantly, the great thing about our industry is that it is here to stay! It is not a fad, it can’t be replaced by technology and people’s leisure time is only set to increase.

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